oh, no... no new design blog! oh yes ... it's mine. full of what inspires me in my world and what creative culture needs and loves perhaps as an exchange. less content, but the pictures will tell the story. Enjoy!

Thomas Ruff, German photographer

Thomas Ruff lives and works in Düsseldorf / Germany. He shares a studio with Andreas Gursky and few other artists. His photography is used digital manipulation for one subject and antiquated darkroom techniques for another. Ruff works in series, creating defined bodies of work whose subjects include empty domestic interiors, appropriated interplanetary images captured by NASA, abstractions of modernist architecture, three-dimensional computer-generated Pop imagery, and obscured pornography.

Are you still there?

This is one of the pages from my new lookbook which I am preparing for new clients. What do you think?

Amy Judd

From my point of view Amy Judd is an extremely brilliant London based artist. Her works are inspired by the enchanting and imaginative relationship between women and animals found in traditional mythologies and stories from around the world.


R.I.P. Helmut Dietl. In einem Interview erzählte er von seiner Taktik als Regisseur. Oft hat er die Szenen gar nicht live während des Drehs mit angeguckt. Die Szenen hatte er schon vorab intuitiv und visuell im Kopf, seine Augen waren währenddessen geschlossen. Was für ein visueller Poet, dessen Persiflagen auf unsere Gesellschaft und Inhalte nie veraltet sind.


Blick und Dicht... oder Dicht und Blick. Dann noch eine Cookie essende Frau mit Flügeln. Kreativität und Wahnsinn verleiht Flügel.


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