oh, no... no new design blog! oh yes ... it's mine. full of what inspires me in my world and what creative culture needs and loves perhaps as an exchange. less content, but the pictures will tell the story. Enjoy!

Tell No One

Luke White and Remi Weekes. As individuals they are writers and directors for promos, commercials and fashion films. As Tell No One they experiment with video cameras. Awesome!! Please click to the headline for getting all three trailers! #trailer #experimentwithvideocameras #writers #directors #lukewhite #remiweekes

Richard Hamilton

1922-20011. British Painter and Graphic Designer. Mix of Modern Art, Pop Art and Contemporary Art. Glamour and Pop. Forerunner for his exstudent Bryan Ferry. Designed the cover "White Album" for the Beatles...only white backround with punched type. I like

Jennifer in Paradise

Installation view at abc art berlin contemporary, 2015. Reproduced from Constant Dullart, 2013. Called 'Jennifer in Paradise'. The photo originates from 1988 was photoshopped by John Knoll, one of the original creators of Adobe Photoshop. His wife... yees...Jennifer. It’s one of the most important images in the history of digital image manipulation. First proband offer all the effects what we use digital now. John has also worked later as visual effects supervisor on the 'Star Wars' prequels and on 'Paradise of Caribbeann'.


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